OnOrbit Servicing. Problems and Technical Solutions



“OnOrbit Servicing. Problems and Technical Solutions.” Ongoing Scientific Workshop

Regulations on  “On Orbit Servicing. Problems and Technical Solutions.” Ongoing Scientific Workshop

1. OnOrbit Servicing. Problemsand Technical Solutions” workshop is a voluntary association of representatives of state bodies, industrial enterprises, scientific and educational groups taking part in execution of urgent tasks of state space programs, initiative programs and projects connected with task solutions on creation and operation of space vehicles and orbital service systems.


2. The workshopis supported by National Space Agency of Ukraine with the participation of Space Research Institute of NAS of Ukraine, “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” National Technical University of Ukraine (ITS NTUU “KPI”), NationalAviationUniversity, Scientific and Production Association “Khartron” (Kharkov), Public Joint Stock Company “Elmiz” (Kiev) and other production and scientific groups.


The workshop is designed for leading specialists of enterprises and organizations, design and scientific research institutes, universities, commercial organizations dealt with and interested in problems of creation and operation of facilities and orbital service systems of space vehicles and objects.


Workshop purpose is to create information platform for discussion of scientific and technical task solutions for orbital service, space object rendezvous and interaction on the orbit, space orientation and robotic operations, to assist in implementing of innovations into production, to organize cooperation between scientific institutions and enterprises.


3. Workshop main activities.

Section 1. Orbital Space Operations.

The following issues are considered: methodological issues of orbital service management, composition of space and ground-based facilities of orbital service provision, composition and technical implementation of orbital space operations, selection of orbital service optimal scenarios for practical task solutions.

Market analysis and analysis of economic possibilities of orbital space operation use.

Section 2. Service Space Vehicles.

The following issues are considered: the issues of technical records of space vehicles providing orbital space operations, interaction of service space vehicles with space vehicles and objects using orbital space operations, composition and types of service space vehicle propulsion systems.

Section 3. On-board Control Equipment, Devices and Mechanisms of Orbital Space Operations.

The following issues are considered: the issues concerning creation of astroorientation and navigation devices, specialized rendezvous sensors, creation of robotic devices and mechanisms of docking, capture, refuel; space vehicle module and block replacement, other orbital operations and its control equipment.

Section 4. Simulation of Orbital Service Processes. Algorithms and Mathematical Methods.

Mathematical methods as well as hardware and software algorithmic support of orbital space operations are analyzed.  Simulation models and methods are considered.


5. Workshop periodicity and place.

The workshop is held on a quarterly basis. Thus a plenary session and three section meetings are held once a year.

In addition to the plenary sessions and section meetings the workshop program may include “round tables” with a discussion of alternative task solutions as well as “master-classes” conducting.

Portfolio of presentations and the program of the forthcoming workshop are planned by section managers not later than 2 months before workshop date and place announcement and approved by Organizing Committee.

The subject for the forthcoming workshop is defined based on the following principles:

–          Topicality – from the standpoint of ongoing state and initiative space programs;

–          Readiness –  by submission of section managers based on collection of initiative applications on the relevant topics;

–          Representation of all sections during the annual discussion cycle.

Workshop place is usually determined by Organizing Committee initiative.


6. Workshop Organizing Committee.

Workshop Organizing Committee performs the following functions:

– Organizes portfolio of presentations, defines the relevance of presentations according to workshop topic;

– Organizes information support for the workshop work;

– Recommends presentations for publication in scientific print media according to the workshop results;

– Makes decision on annual award for the best presentation authors according to the workshop results.

The Organizing Committee is formed and functioned on a voluntary base. The Chairman and Co-chairman are elected by Organizing Committee members.

The Organizing Committee includes:

O.P. Fedorov – Chairman of Organizing Committee, Director of Space Research Institute of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics;

V.N. Branets – Co-chairman of Organizing Committee, Deputy Chief Designer of OJSC “Gazprom. Space systems”, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics;

L.A. Uryvskyi – Member of Organizing Committee, Project Scientific Coordinator, Head of Department of NTUU “KPI”, Doctor of Engineering Science;

Vasiliev V.V. – Member of Organizing Committee, Project Coordinator, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PJSC “Elmiz”, Candidate of  Physics and Mathematics;

Gusynin V. P. – Member of Organizing Committee, Director of Space complex department of State Space Agency of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering Science;

Oleynik S. V. – Member of Organizing Committee; Head of department of SPA “Khartron-Arkos”;

Konin V. V. – Member of Organizing Committee; Professor of NationalAviationUniversity, Doctor of Engineering Science;

Zbrutskyi A. V. – Member of Organizing Committee; Dean of Aviation and Space System faculty of NTUU “KPI”, Doctor of Engineering Science;

Pysarchuk A. A. – Member of Organizing Committee; Head of scientific center of Zhytomir Military Institute named after S. P. Koroliov , Doctor of Engineering Science;

Dobrovolskiy V. U. – Executive Secretary of Organizing Committee, Chief Designer of PJSC “Kurs”.


7. Workshop information support.

Workshop information support includes:

–          creation and support of web-site;

–          arrangement of workshop session webcast;

–          workshop coverage in mass media

The web-site contains the following components:

–          Ongoing workshop tasks, the content of sections and activities;

–          Organizing Committee members;

–          Information on forthcoming workshop program, terms, place, participation conditions);

–          Information on previous workshop sessions (theses, reviews, photo reports);

–          Current information on the subject “Orbital Space Service. Problems and technical solutions”;

–          Contact information of Organizing Committee, partners.


8. Workshop financial matters.

Workshop funding is provided by:

–          Registration fee of workshop participants;

–          Sponsorship fee of enterprises and organizations interested in workshop results.

Funds formed by workshop participant registration fee are planned to use for:

–          Maintenance of workshop technical staff (text  typing and  design; work of projection facilities, participant support and so on);

–          Provision of forthcoming workshop program, visual aids, workshop presentations in electronic form;

–          Arrangement of participant express-catering during workshop (coffee break and so on).

Funds formed by sponsorship fees of enterprises and organizations interested in workshop results are planned to use for:

–          Ongoing workshop web-site support;

–          Printing of forthcoming workshop presentations as a separate publication;

–          Provision of possibility to invite reporters for workshop participation;

–          Presentation workshop facility (equipment, showcases, excursions and so on).


9. Participation terms.

Workshop participant invitations are sent indicating a date, place, subject of the forthcoming workshop, payment, travel and accommodation terms.

To cover expenses connected with the event arrangement in one of Ukrainian cities it is necessary to pay registration fee in amount of 600 UAH, VAT included, for each participant.

Travel to the place of workshop, accommodation and meal expenses are paid by workshop participants themselves.

Registration fee includes expenses for participant information provision, visual aids as well as participant express-catering during the workshop.