Manufacturing of equipment

Technological processes, which used for manufacturing equipment:

  • Installation of bilateral and multi-layer printed circuit board printing;images/Technology/Tehnolog-8.png
  • Installation unit and devices using circuit harness;
  • Connection units, device and equipment containers;
  • Bonding parts using adhesives, such as VC-9, K-300, adhesive mastic In-9m;
  • Applying the epoxy, acrylic and urethane lacquers;
  • Sealing equipment of laser welding with inert gas;
  • Test blowing argon and “hyperbaric aquarium”;
  • Mechanical testing (vibration resistance and strength);
  • Climatic tests (heat, cold);
  • Testing of termal vacuum chamber to the impact of reduce atmospheric pressure with temperature change;images/Technology/Tehnolog-1.png
  • Monitoring and control of electrical parameters of the equipment;
  • Electrical training equipment;
  • Comprehensive test in “moonless camera” conditions.


Test equipment microwave


images/Technology/tehnolog-16.jpgAnechoic chamber type “ECHO-1”, is designed to test equipment for space purposes. The inner surface is lined with radar absorbing material is not inflammable TV-50.



Technical characteristics of chamberе



Chamber sizes


The reflection coefficient of power, no more than


Level reflections from the walls and ceiling, no more than

minus 26 dB

Level anechoic at the reception and transmission of not more than

minus 49 dB




 Radio screened room (REP) is intended for work with  the parts and appliances microwave protected from  external interference. “BEC”and “REP” equipped with  forced  ventilation, power supply (220 V 3 f.; 220V  400Hz).