9, Boryspilska str., Kyiv-099, Ukraine, 02099
Tel / Fax: (+38044) 566-87- 22 e-mail: info@elmiz.com
Acting Chairman of the Board – Oleksii Petrenko

ELMI3 Joint-stock company was founded in 1996 as a result of restructuring of PA “Kyiv Radio Plant” in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
The enterprise is located in the industrial district of Kyiv – Darnytsia.

The specifics of the enterprise – instrument making.

The company manufactures a variety of nomenclature of complex electronic equipment for various sectors of the domestic economy.
The company has a full cycle of production – from development to serial production.
Technological capabilities of the enterprise include machining, installation, assembly work, adjustment and testing of equipment.
Production areas for assembly and assembly work are 6,427 square meters.
Production is carried out at certified workplaces. Compliance with technological processes is controlled by the of Technical Control Department. The quality management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
The sections of microelectronics and precision mechanics are equipped with zones with controlled microclimate parameters.
Production laboratories are equipped with modern control and measuring devices that undergo regular verification and calibration.
The company has its own testing base, namely – complexes for checking electrical parameters, stands for mechanical tests, equipment for climate testing. The company has radio-shielded rooms and moonless cameras for setting up and testing microwave equipment.
Engineering and technical staff has extensive experience in the manufacture of complex knowledge-intensive products. The plant includes a serial design and technological bureau, assembly and assembly production, mechanical section, technical control department, supply service, sales service, engineering service for building maintenance.
ELMIZ JSC manufactures products for space, military, mining, agriculture and electric mobility.

Among the range of products are such as:

  • control equipment for mining machines, lighting complexes for mining machines, mine main spark-explosion-proof luminaires and methane detectors, charging tables for main luminaires;
  • inertial sensors based on solid-state vibrating gyroscopes and inertial navigation systems;
  • equipment for precision farming based on GNSS technologies;
  • charging stations for electric vehicles AC – 22 kW per channel, DC – 75 kW;
  • electrochemical generators as part of a hydrogen generator and a hydrogen fuel cell (under development, there are prototypes).

ELMIZ JSC has also developed an innovative, unique for Ukraine technology for producing porous aluminium (PA). A shop with a production line was built and production was established. PA parts are used for filtration of technical liquids and gases, in mufflers, breathers, for the manufacture of vacuum tables, for the manufacture of molds for packaging molding, as a decorative material and souvenirs.