Council of Chief Designers

On May 6, 2014 the council of chief designers for preparedness “Soyuz TMA-13M” was held in RSC “Energiya” (Rocket and Space Corporation “Energiya” named after SP Korolyov) concerningthe question of readiness of the spacecraft “Soyuz TMA – 13M “to the flight to the ISS and concerning the readinessof TMS” Soyuz TMA – 11M “to completion of the flight.

The Council of Chief Designers has decided:

– according to the plan of forthcoming activities on TMS “Soyuz TMA-13M” to launch on 28/05/2014.

Chairman of the Board of PJSC “ELMІZ” – Shumilo Nikolay Mikhaylovich as participant of the implementation of the ISS on-board radiotechnical system “KURS” program participated in the work of the Council of Chief Designers.