Conference on the introduction of new mining equipment

On October 17-18, 2013, the Dnepropetrovsk engineering plant held an international scientific and practical conference on the development, learning and introduction of new mining equipment.

Issues were treated on the conference:

Automation of the mining complex;

Problems of operation of power and control hydraulics used in mining machines and ways to solve them.

The seminar was attended by representatives of the coal industry department of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, research and design institutes of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, manufacturers of mechanical complexes of Ukraine and Russia, as well as coal mines and mining and processing enterprises of Ukraine.

President of the company PrJSC “ELMIZ” Alexander Bochkarev made a presentation on modern means of automating mining processes.

At the conference, PrJSC “ELMIZ” presented its new development — the Electro-hydraulic remote control system for mechanized roof supports (EGRCS) designed for automated control and electro-hydraulic control of roof supports. Mechanized roof supports belong to the group of mining equipment, which provides higher economic performance by increasing the speed of the combine, which allows to increase coal production up to 40% and reduce the number of staff.